Pr. Jalila el Ati explains what the pilot phase of the TEC-MED project will be like in Tunisia

Tunisia is currently going through some difficult times . Even so, the TEC-MED project team in Tunisia continues to work to carry out the pilot phase of the care model for people over 65, dependent, and at risk of social exclusion.

Transcultural social-ethical-care TEC-MED model developed for dependent and/or at risk of exclusion elderly populations developed in six countries (Spain, Egypt, Lebanon, Greece, Italy, and Tunisia) focuses all its efforts on accomplishing the capacity building plan to strengthen the skills of key agents.

One of the main tools to reach this objective is through specialized training, where training agents, older people, and their households, health and social care workers, and local authorities and community groups are empowered to develop their knowledge and network on different key aspects to promote health, prevention and care for the elderly.