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RESET - RESults Enabling Transitions: mapping, synthesising and mainstreaming sustainable, green and circular business support achievements in the MED region, for replication and policy-making.

عن المشروع

In recognition of the Mediterranean accelerating employment and environmental crises, there are various calls for action to create a sustainable and inclusive economy that ‘works for everyone'. As the region thrive towards developing and implementing measures for a sustainable green transition, RESET aims to facilitate economic and social development via supporting the creation of sustainable and green businesses. The project will gather, analyse and synthesize learnings regarding 'what works' within the field of sustainable and green business support, and seeks to upstream this knowledge effectively. It will support local, national and regional stakeholders to make use of this knowledge to create strategies, policies and regulations to stimulate the green economy. RESET targets seven Mediterranean countries and will address the whole enabling eco-system – from EU projects, local initiatives and policies to national and regional policies and regulations – to capitalize on knowledge related to training, advice, networking services, access to funding and markets, as well as Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) protection, with a focus on women and youth inclusion.

المعلومات الرئيسية

RESET - RESults Enabling Transitions: mapping, synthesising and mainstreaming sustainable, green and circular business support achievements in the MED region, for replication and policy-making.
A.1 تطوير الأعمال والشركات الصغيرة والمتوسطة
A.1.1 دعم شركات ناشئة مبتكرة ومشاريع حديثة الإنشاء
إسبانيا, لبنان, إيطاليا, فلسطين, تونس

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Project outputs




To identify and analyze the most successful practices that can further be capitalized on and optimized at project, local, national, and regional level across the Mediterranean in order to support green business creation

ما الذي سيتم تحسينه؟

RESET is expecting to generate change at the micro, meso and macro level. At micro level, by delivering support for green entrepreneurs via building capacity in selected EU projects and local initiatives in target countries. At meso level, by improving governance green business creation using enabling policy frameworks that meet the relevant needs and use proven successful strategies. At macro level, by taking a big step forward feeding actionable strategies into the Regional Policy Guidelines of the Barcelona Convention Barcelona for the Protection of the Mediterranean Sea Against Pollution.

من المستفيد؟

  • Green business support projects 
  • Local and national initiatives and policymakers
  • Regional policy-makers and decision-makers

الإنجازات المتوقعة

  • 1 research-based need/knowledge map and 1 innovative database management system
  • 1 capitalisation ‘clinic’ to offer support to and build capacity of EU project stakeholders
  • 1 strategic paper to guide green business development strategies
  • 1 local and national capitalisation clinic to serve as a knowledge hub
  • Online and face-to-face training to ensure the capitalization of on the ground successful practices
  • 1 document to guide green business development at regional level
  • 1 Virtual Community of Practice to gather the relevant stakeholders
  • 1 award of € 54.000 to showcase the work and stakeholders of RESET and to highlight the importance of capitalisation of EU projects 

Contribution to policy-making

The Lead Beneficiary of the project has developed a “Set of Regional Measures to Support the Development of Green and Circular businesses and to Strengthen the Demand for more Sustainable Products in the Mediterranean”. These measures will be matched with the results of the RESET capitalization process to identify and suggest effective policies adapted to the national contexts. Furthermore, RESET will build on previous scaling-up roadmaps developed under the initiative SwitchMed to support the development of actionable strategies based on capitalization. 

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