RESMYLE: حاليا (7) دعوات لتقديم عطاءات والمزيد في المستقبل

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RESMYLE is currently looking for:

- Auditors: 

  • For Associazione Di Promozione Sociale, AMESCI, before August, 11th, 3 pm HERE
  • For Consorzio Formazione Lavoro e Cooperazione Società Cooperative, CFLC, before August, 19th, 3 pm HERE

- Evaluator: before August 21st, 4 pm HERE

- Webdesigner: before August 11th, 3 pm HERE

- Translator: before August 11th, 3 pm HERE 

- Graphic designer: before August 13th, 12 am HERE

- Service provider for the creation of a webplatform: before August 14th, 2 pm HERE


RESMYLE is a project which aims to rethink the employment and social integration of young Mediterranean people through sustainable development.
To find out more, visit the ENICBCMED page on RESMYLE project and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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