RESMYLE: ما يصل إلى 8000 يورو للمشاريع التي ترفع مستوى الوعي حول التنمية المستدامة بين NEETs


 المحتوى متاح باللغة الإنجليزية

RESMYLE is launching its fisrt call for projects in order to raise awareness on sustainable development among NEETS in France, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon and Tunisia. The call is open to all organisations working with NEETs.

At least 12 projects promoting sustainable development will receive from 4 000 to 8 000€ as grants in order to implement their activities among NEETS.

All the related information are available here (end of page).

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- Guidelines for sub-grant RESMYLE Raise Awareness on Sust Dev Final EN - FR

Annex A - Subgrant application form / Formulaire de demande de subvention (Word format)

Annex B: Budget En / Fr

Annex C: De Minimis Declaration En / FR

Annex D: GPRD consent form / Formulaire de Consentement éclairé


The following documents will be used to assess proposals of the call:

Jury Evaluation grid / Grille d'évaluation du jury

Jury Declaration impartiality confidentiality / Declaration impartialité et de confidentialité du jury


If you win the call, you will be required to complete the Standard sub-grant contract / Contrat Standard de Subvention

And send at the end of your action an Activity report / Rapport d'activité and a Financial report / Rapport financier



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