CRE@CTIVE in Tunisia presents Vest Go, a smart bright wearable made for your safety


Meet the VestGO team! a Tunisian multidisciplinary team that created an Integrated Smart Textile Solution.


VestGO is the fruit of the work of a complementary group of talented engineers gathered to work on this innovative project. The team is made up of:


Project manager: Oumaima Dhaouadi 

Product designer and architect: Mhamed Alila

Mechanical engineer: Kais Alila 

Software engineer: Samer Jaouadi 

Electrical engineer: Ahmed Kaddour Belaid  


This team created VestGo, a customizable product that can be fixed on any surface. You can put it on your hoodie, back or backpack, even on a delivery food box. VestGo solution can be sold as a gadget product or an integrated smart textile solution.


It's a turn signal vest with a wireless remote controller that can display three signals for safety alerts. This charged vest is composed of breathable cotton and has adjustable straps for shoulder comfort. VestGo can be used as a safety measure by any gender and age group at any time, night or day, for various sports activities such as hiking, cycling, and even walking, as well as for working activities such as delivery on motorcycles or even when your child is leaving school or college on his bicycle. It is incredibly accessible and easy to use, a single press of a button activates bright signal patterns that ensure a safe distance from vehicles.


How did the VestGo team come up with the idea?

After the death of her grandfather, who was hit by a car turning without a warning while riding his bicycle, Oumaima Dhaouadi, one of the VestGo team members had the idea. One day, while discussing the matter, the team agreed to find the right solution to protect our loved ones.


The CRE@CTIVE project is providing the VESTGO team with financial support (grant of 12.000 Euros) and getting in touch with a large network of Labs in the Mediterranean region. Furthermore, the CRE@CTIVE project offers them the chance to participate in cross-border networking sessions (such as the exhibition and networking event that was held in Igualada, Spain on 22-23 November 2022) that may give them the chance to foster collaborations with other stakeholders/SMEs and extend their business by introducing their product to potential international clients and investors.



Moreover, CRE@CTIVE’s TecnoL@B in Tunisia is helping the VESTGO team through the mobilization of highly qualified experts that ensure their technical and entrepreneurship coaching and support. Hence, several workshops and training sessions were already organized and other ones are scheduled in the coming months.


Where the Vest Go solution will be after the CRE@CTIVE project ends?

The Vest Go team believes in their product because the idea came from a real need (personal experience) and it has a huge impact on society.

Hence, Vest Go has the chance to be on the back of a lot of bicycle drivers and delivery boxes in different regions not only in Tunisia but all over the world.


Want to follow Vest Go on their journey? Check out their link here!

Facebook: Vest Go

Instagram: Vest Go