2nd INNOMED-UP community awareness workshop for the Socio-Urban Circularity in Hebron, Palestine. Watch the Badran Plaza before the pilot intervention.

On the 6th of March 2022, Birzeit University, INNOMED-UP Project Partner in Palestine, has terminated the last phase of the second community INNOMED-UP awareness workshop regarding the Socio-Urban Circularity in Hebron.

The Workshop was entitled: Development & Revitalization of public spaces in the Historic Centre of Hebron, Badran Plaza as a Pilot Project.

This Workshop was aimed to publicize and inform the local community and institutions about the role of Cultural & Creative Industries (CCIs) SMEs in developing and revitalizing the urban spaces in the historic Centre of Hebron, through the innovation and the creativity of designed recycled materials and elements to be fitted with the principles of conservation and restoration of historic centers, and to be used in the Badran Plaza as a pilot model.

At the end discussions and recommendations were emerged and mostly focused on the importance of the topic and the necessity of the involvement of the local Craftsmen and their role in the development of the historic Centre by proposing ideas and creative designs to produce objects based on the principles of the circular economy to be used on the revitalization of historic spaces within historic centers. 

Enjoy watching this 3D animated video that shows the situation before the intervention.