Actualités du 2ème Comité de Pilotage des Partenaires MEDISS


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On 9th September 2020 was held on Skype the second MEDISS Project Steering Committee (PSC).
The PSC was attended by all the project partners and one member of ENI CBC Med Joint Technical Secretariat, the senior expert - Irene Morell Rodrìguez.

The project foresees the organization of a MEDISS PSC in each country involved in the project (Italy, Jordan, Palestine and Tunisia), however, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the second PSC was made online.

The MEDISS Partners Steering Committee (PSC) is crucial for the success of the project and for the decision making process. It provides support, guidance and oversight of MEDISS progress and state of play and ensure delivery of the project outputs and the achievement of project outcomes. 

During the meeting, Project Lead Partner – Palestinian Wastewater Engineering Group (PWEG) - presents and analyses with MEDISS partners the following main topics:

- Management:

Project Technical Director, Eng. Monther Hind, presents the Project’ state of play. He describes the activities done and the others rescheduled due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Partners also discuss the state of progress of soil study and analysis, the mapping of stakeholders, the use of QGIS and the Awareness Programme.

- Financial:

Expenditure verification, financial reporting, procurement and financial plan are analysed. 

- Communication and Dissemination:

In this section communication activity data is evaluated. MEDISS Communication manager describes the project output and the visibility of project activities on social media and MEDISS website. Project communication experts decide to meet on Skype once a month.


PWEG informs that the second Bilateral Meeting, including its 2nd study visit, and the 2nd Conference Interview in Tunisia are postponed due to COVID-19 pandemic outbreak.