Comment RESMYLE a répondu au Covid-19?


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In every country RESMYLE is working, teams are working from home… but it comes back slowly… 

To continue the development of the dynamic of RESMYLE, our team had many online sharings on: 

Development of activities focusing on including sustainable development into social integration programs for NEETs: 

  • An inventory of tools as games, punctual activities and collective projects focusing on sustainable development which allows transversal skills development has been made and is currently being proofread,
  • A list of youth organisations to share our tools with was built to help animators to develop some activities; 

Exchanges with other projects:

To pool our efforts in order to:

► Raise awareness on social economy and sustainable development,

► Share the initiatives of partners from other projects and invite our target groups to visit the activities developed on sustainable local development, 

► Promote the calls for participation of youth organisations in using our sensitization platform  and of young people in workshops,

► Exchange on our developing strategies for online platforms,

► Share the contents of training materials, 

► Develop a common database of experts for the mentoring of young people and the coaching instructions, 

► Invite partners’ local bodies in our Conference of the Parties;


  • First meeting focusing on communication,
  • Sharing communication agenda,
  • Campaigns on Facebook and Twitter,
  • Update of websites of partners;


  • Exchanges with ENICBCMED,
  • Definition of the schedule of the project,
  • Coordination meetings,
  • Sharing of monitoring tools,
  • Drafting and/or posting of call for tenders for audits, administrative and financial technical assistance, communication and evaluation. 

Resmyle is a project which aims to rethink the employment and social integration of young Mediterranean people through sustainable development.

To find out more, visit the ENICBCMED page on RESMYLE project and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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