Découvrez de plus près les partenaires de BESTMEDGRAPE : rencontrez l'équipe de Berytech au Liban


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The Project Partner 6 (PP6) of BESTMEDGRAPE in Lebanon is Berytech Foundation. The key expertise provided to the project by Berytech are business support of the spinoffs/startups, business development and entrepreneurship support.

 Ramy Boujawdeh is the Project Officer. He is a member of the Steering Committee (SC), in charge of project implementation that will be responsible of monitoring the activities carried out by each partner. He participated in the Kick-off Meeting held in Cagliari, Italy and coordinates work package 6 (WP6) - Business & Entrepreneurship Support. Ramy participated in the draft of the Project Management Manual, Risk analysis and contingency plan, the Communication and Dissemination Plan, the Capitalisation Plan, and the Data Management Plan. He will make sure to use the Project Monitoring System proposed by the Lead Beneficiary, and the plan is to organize one meeting involving all 150 potential entrepreneurs selected.

Jessica Hallak represents Berytech in the financial and administrative team and is responsible for monitoring and supporting the activities planned. Jessica manages the budget and keeps record of properly filing all the financial and expenditure supporting documents.

Joanna Abi Abdallah represents Berytech in the business creation team and is responsible for monitoring and supporting the activities planned in WP3 - Cross-Border, Technology Platform & Institutional Capacity Building, and WP6. Joanna is also the Scientific and Technical Coordinator, member of the Scientific & Technical Committee. Joanna will disseminate good practices for business creation and business culture among young people aged 16-19. She will look at developing synergies with other projects and initiatives. Joanna will participate in the animation of the BESTMEDGRAPE cross-border network and the technology platform, as well as in the organisation of working groups, local institutional and business capacity enhancement round table in Lebanon. She is in charge of selecting the potential entrepreneurs to be involved in living labs and trainings (at least 30), as well as support the development and fine tuning of new business ideas. She is in also in charge of producing a technological strategic study to identify technologies for potential companies.

Reina Dib Angoujard represents Berytech in the Communication Team and is responsible for monitoring and supporting the activities planned. Reina participates in the draft of news to be published in the BESTMEDGRAPE web page on the ENI CBC MED Programme website and the project social media accounts; she shares information about the project activities with local journalists, press providers and press agencies to ensure the visibility of the project and the EU funding; and she maintains and respects the visibility criteria and communication rules suggested by ENI CBC MED Programme. She participated in the draft of the Communication and Dissemination Plan. Reina will participate in the organization of the project events and seminars to be held in Lebanon.

Regarding communication and financial aspects, the project also benefits from the collaboration of the internal staff of Berytech: Chila El Bourgi, Bayan Daou, Walid Freih and Chrystal Dagher