[Découvrez les territoires de MEDUSA] Kfarselouan, Liban


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It is crucial to leave the crowded cities and move to one of the rural location in Lebanon. Kfarselouan holds a crucial place in Lebanon’s heritage. Let’s take a tour to see what the famous district of Kfarselouan has to offer. Nestled between the summit of the Mount of the Church and the bottom of the Jamani River, the Lebanese village of Kfarselouan is rich with its beautiful nature and old history. Kfarselouan is located in the Baabda district, Mount Lebanon Governorate. Its height ranges from the sea level between 1,000 to 2,092 meters. Its land area is 3,000 hectares.

Kfarselouan is reputed as one of the locations where there are several wild tree species, and fruit pines. Its crops are fruitful trees, vine and vegetables. Its soil is fertile, including areas where minerals are available, and in the past, there were mines of coal. The region is also rich in springs, and has a cave containing emulsions. Ain el Tine's natural Cave is another impressive landmark of Kfarselouan. A not to miss experience! This cave is one of the deepest among other caves in Lebanon. The registered population of Kfarselouan is approximately 5,000 people, of whom about 2,500 live permanently in the town, and the rest leave it in winter to the cities and suburbs to seek work.  The name of Kfarselouan is found in the Aramaic language: Kfar Sillon means thorn and dewberries.

Kfarselouan boasts so many spiritual, educational, cultural and social institutions, and areas that attract visitors. You will find the Church of St. Takla: the patron saint of the town, Maronite pastoral and  Khalwat: the name of the prayer-houses of the Druze; school of the Maronite Sisters of the Holy Family; cooperative association for the youth of Kfarselouan, who equipped a public library in the town.  Moreover, one of many breathtaking lakes in Lebanon, Kfarselouan’s lake is a picturesque spot and an inevitable stop that attracts tourists. Kfarselouan is not only about fascinating ruins but it also hosts the St. Takla day, a special occasion where a feast held on September 24. Further, it’s known as the town of dairy industry, artisan workshops and few shops providing food. Kfarselwan is renowned for its delicious red apples, irrigated from artificial ponds that still store snow water at 1,800 meters above sea level. Of all Lebanon’s cities, Kfarselouan is another calm town that helps you to disconnect from everyday life and to recharge your batteries but you won’t experience its calmness until you visit it.