Espagne : 40 étudiants formés à la logistique maritime et aux opérations portuaires à Valence


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Thanks to the YEP MED initiative, more than 40 first year students of the International Trade and Transport and Logistics vocational training course from the Pere Boïl de Manises and Ausiàs March and Abastos high schools in Valencia, have been trained in subjects related to the Port of Valencia and its Port Community. The course was 1 week long, and was imparted over 25 hours. 

The objectives of this training, which was given virtually, were the one hand to provide students with first-hand information about the Port of Valencia, its infrastructures, logistics equipment and operations; and on the second hand to enable companies in the sector to make the characteristics of their activities as well as the professional profiles they need to develop properly known.

Some of the classes given by current professionals from the Port Authority of Valencia, the Valenciaport Foundation and companies and organisations representing the sector were ports (physical space, legal framework and governance); port management (port operations for ships and goods and their operators and port connections with road and rail transport); the actors of the port community (customs agents, freight forwarders, stevedores, border inspection post, etc.); energy transition in ports; smart ports and digital transformation; and port innovation.

In addition to the theoretical classes, the course had a scheduled visit to a vessel and to the facilities of the Port of Valencia, as well as new tools such as learning through gamification in the simulation of foreign trade. The visit to the vessel had to be cancelled due to unfavourable conditions, but the other practical elements were maintained.

With this project and with all the activities it is carrying out in terms of dual training, the Valenciaport Foundation aims to update the curriculum currently taught in the aforementioned Vocational Courses to ensure that students receive training in line with the real needs of the port logistics sector. 

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