Gestion de l'eau: réunion web du comité de pilotage des partenaires du projet MEDISS


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The MEDISS Partners Steering Committee (PSC) is crucial for the success of the project and for the decision making process. It provides support, guidance and oversight of MEDISS progress and state of play and ensure delivery of the project outputs and the achievement of project outcomes. 

In particular, MEDISS timeline established the organization of 4 PSC meetings hosted by each project partner: 

  • 1st  PSC in Italy, during the Kick Off Meeting
  • 2nd  PSC in Jordan, 2020
  • 3rd PSC in Palestine, 2021
  • 4th PSC in Tunisia, 2022

Due to COVID-19 Pandemic and as flights are suspended and borders are closed, some project activities become excessively difficult to carry out as initially planned, especially those that should be implemented abroad.

For this reason, the partners have decided to meet the project deadline and to organize the 2nd PSC virtually on the 9th of September, 10 am (Jerusalem Time).

The meeting will be coordinated by the MEDISS lead partner, Palestinian Wastewater Engineers Group (PWEG).


The role of the MEDISS Partners Steering Committe 

Partners Steering Committee(PSC) supports MEDISS progress and state of play through: 

  • Continuous coordination of the partnership and monitoring of the activities;
  • Providing input to the development of the project, including the evaluation strategy; 
  • Defining and helping to achieve the project outcomes; 
  • Identifying the priorities in the project – where the most energy should be directed; 
  • Identifying potential risks; 
  • Monitoring risks and timelines; 
  • Monitoring the quality of the project as it develops; 
  • Providing advice about changes to the project as it develops.


The main responsibility of the PSC members is the achievement of the project’s success, actually  they should:

  • Ensure the strategy that is planned matches the aim of the project; 
  • Consider how they will know if the aim of the project has been achieved; 
  • Review the progress of the project against the milestones set; 
  • Consider ideas and issues raised;  
  • Provide guidance to the project team;  
  • Help balance conflicting priorities and resources;  
  • Foster positive communication outside of the Committee regarding the project’s progress and outcomes; 
  • Actively promote the outputs of the project; 
  • Contribute to the evaluation of the project, both the process of developing and implementing the project.



1.    Project implementation 

State of Play and Expected risks which may prevent the project from achieving its expected results during the 2nd year of the project and possible solution

Review of MEDISS rescheduled Gantt Chart for 2019-2020 

Partners Presentations on where they stand regarding the project activities under their responsibility

2.    Project Reporting State of Play

Periodical Narrative and Financial Reports - WP1: Management 

Posting on Website and Facebook - WP2: Communication

Stakeholder Mapping and Meeting and interviews - WP5: Awareness and Networking 

Uploading on QGIS - WP3: Data Collection and Analysis

3.    Upcoming events and activities over the next six months

4.    Financial status of the project

The status of the procurement process and the procurement plan.

The status of the expenditure verification

The new financial plan of the second year 

Extra expenditure verification during the third semester

5.    A.O.B