GREENinMED donne un nouvel élan aux hébergements touristiques à travers des solutions innovantes et des opportunités de financement


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  • The French partner of the GREENinMED project, Capenergies, organized a seminar on October 26th at Palais du Commerce et de la Mer in Toulon.
  • This seminar highlights the current activities that partners are implementing: The call for ‘Innovation Vouchers’ that will finance the consulting services necessary to support the adoption of new products/services by tourism SMEs in order to be more efficient and competitive in water and energy management.

Toulon, 26th of October of 2020. Capenergies organized a seminar on motivations for tourist accommodation in the Mediterranean area in relation to new technological solutions and financing opportunities for water and energy management.

The objective was to present the opportunities the project may provide to both SME tourist accommodations establishments (beneficiaries) and providers of innovative solutions and technologies for water and energy management in the hospitality industry, and to facilitate the match between them.

More than 30 people, including SMEs providing innovative technologies in the field of water and energy management and managers of small-middle sized tourist accommodations in Region South of France, gathered at the Palais du Commerce et de la Mer in Toulon for the first GREENinMED public conference in France.

During the opening speech, Anne-Marie Perez, managing director of the Capenergies Energy Transition Cluster, recalled “the strategic importance of tourist sector for the economy of the Region South of France (it represents 13% of the regional GDP, 25,000 establishments, 7.5% of the jobs in the Region) and the unprecedented challenges that regional SMEs in the tourism sector are currently facing due to the COVID-19 pandemic”.

How GREENinMED actions have been developed and implemented

In the frame of GREENinMED, Enrico Mazzon European Project Manager at Capenergies introduced the incoming GREENinMED call for ‘Innovation Vouchers’. This call will be publicly launched in November and envisages to allocate at least 10 vouchers, each one of them having a value of about €2k, to SME tourist accommodations willing to receive advice and technical support in choosing and adopting the best solution for energy and/or water efficiency in their premises.

This scheme is a first step of a two-phased approach within GREENinMED Project. First of all, vouchers are supposed to analyse tourist accommodations’ needs and create synergies with SMEs providing the best innovative solutions. The next step consists in launching a call for grants that will finance the installation of the pre-identified solutions in the accommodations’ premises. This call will open in April/May 2021 and the project will be rolling-out between June 2021 and June 2022.

Moreover, during the seminar were presented the objectives of the project, the consortium, its rationale, the reasons why tourist accommodations should look carefully at this project, the actions already performed and the coming activities. He highlighted the cross-border collaboration among GREENinMED partners to produce the Benchmark on best available technologies for water and energy management for Mediterranean tourist accommodations. The GREENinMED activities are co-financed (90%) by the European Union under the ENI CBC Med Programme.

Other regional financial opportunities and best practices in innovative solutions in water and energy

Outside the frame of GREENinMED, it was also explained specific regional financial opportunities supporting the sustainability of tourist accommodations and other part of the session was also dedicated to SMEs developing and commercializing innovative solutions for water and energy management having an application in tourist accommodation establishments. At the end of the morning, 8 French SMEs and 1 company from Monaco (but operating also in France) took therefore part into the pitch session.