INNOMED-UP met en évidence les liens entre les petites et moyennes entreprises culturelles et créatives et l'économie circulaire


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The Third (3rd) Steering Committee meeting of the INNOMED-UP Project was held on Monday 12th of April 2021. Partners discussed various topics, highlighting success stories and building the way forward. 


INNOMED-UP Info Points as consultation offices for the Cultural and Creative Small-Medium Enterprises


The first session of the communication results ended, with the release of the info-point by INNOMED-UP Project Partner: Future Pioneers for Empowering Communities (FEPC) in Jordan, and the close date of releasing the info-point by INNOMED-UP Project Partner: Centre For Socio-Economic Research in Southern Italy (CRESM) in Palermo, Italy. More specifically, the INNOMED-UP info points will operate as consultation offices for the Cultural and Creative Small-Medium Enterprises in order to access foreign investments, such as European funding, bank loans or other initiatives (e.g. Switchers, The next society etc).


INNOMED-UP online platform for further diffusion of knowledge for Circular Economy in the Cultural and Creative Small-Medium Enterprises sector


INNOMED-UP Project Partner: Birzeit University (BZU) in Palestine presented the timeline of the INNOMED-UP online training networking platform. In details, during the project lifetime and beyond to accelerate project results penetration to Cultural and Creative Small-Medium Enterprises, a specialized digital platform will be built (including useful info, toolkits, a design repository & material exchange tools). On the same platform, it is foreseen that a customized asynchronous e-learning platform will be hosted, where training material from the knowledge transfer activities will be available to Cultural and Creative Small-Medium Enterprises for further diffusion of knowledge.


Finding linkages between Cultural & Creative Small-Medium Enterprises and the Circular Economy


Project Partners discussed, through several interesting presentations, the research findings achieved per each INNOMED-UP city for the Circular Economy and Cultural and Creative Industries status. Partners of the INNOMED-UP project represented by National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and Environmental Planning, Engineering & Management (EPEM) from Greece, Municipality of Prato and CRESM from Italy, Municipality of Tunis from Tunisia, BZU from Hebron & Nablus of Palestine and FEPC from Jordan presented their overviews, methodology and the results obtained.

The research aimed to collect information by INNOMED-UP collaborators and stakeholders on circular economy industry at the targeted cities of the project, Small-Medium Enterprises’ field of work, and how to upscale Circular Economy in the Cultural and Creative Small-Medium Enterprises sector. In addition, specific parts of the survey have dealt with the existing Small-Medium Enterprises, in means of the strength and weaknesses points in order to find linkages between them and the circular economy.

The results are enormous and encouraging. Please see below all the relevant presentations.

Research Findings for Athens, Greece

Research Findings for Prato, Italy

Research Findings for Tunis, Tunisia

Research Findings for Hebron & Nablus, Palestine

Research Findings for Amman, Jordan