INSCRIVEZ-VOUS : événement en ligne "Les jeunes pour une industrie du prêt-à-porter et de la mode plus verte"


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Did you know that making a single cotton t-shirt requires an estimated 2,700 litres of fresh water, enough to meet one person’s drinking needs for 2.5 years (source: European Parliament). Responsible for over 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions, the fashion and textile industry has yet to make its green revolution to minimise the negative environmental impact along the production and consumption lifecycle. 

The event “Youth for a greener clothing and fashion industry”, to be held online on Wednesday 18th of May 2022 from 15.00-17.30 CEST, aims to showcase how young fashion/clothing creators, designers, entrepreneurs from the Mediterranean area, many of them supported by ENI CBC Med funded projects, are putting circularity, sustainability, resource-efficiency at the core of the value chain, from design to production, to reduce the industry toll on the environment and make circular business models a success and an inspiration for others.

The event was selected as part of the 36 ‘stops’ of the European Union’s #TheGreenTrack campaign, which intends to give visibility to young people engaged in activities in favour of the environment in view of United Nations’ Biodiversity Conference COP15 to be held later this year in China. 

The webinar will give voice to young designers, creators and entrepreneurs from both sides of the Mediterranean who are adopting greener business models, from the choice of locally, naturally outsourced material to sustainable production and recycling/upcycling practices. In addition, the event will highlight how a well-known brand like ‘Salvatore Ferragamo’ is taking action in favour of the environment. The opportunities offered by specific support initiatives and tools implemented by ENI CBC Med projects to foster circularity and sustainability in the clothing and textile industry, will be discussed. Finally, the recently approved EU strategy for sustainable and circular textiles will be presented by a representative of the European Commission. 

The final aim of the event is to empower consumers, in particular the younger generations, since responsible and conscious clothing buying and consumption habits can have a huge positive impact the environment.

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About the #TheGreenTrack initiative

This flagship initiative of the European Year of Youth is led by the European Union in collaboration with the Global Youth Biodiversity Network (GYBN). It aims at providing young people with a platform and getting them engaged in the debate on future global biodiversity policies and practices in the run up to the UN Biodiversity Conference CBD COP15 to be held in Kunming, China later this year.