Italie : GIMED lance un deuxième appel à candidatures pour les entreprises vertes


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In December 2020, our Italian partner Fondazione di Comunita di Messina was delivering the very first training for green entrepreneurs under the GIMED project, in Sicily. A great opportunity for a cohort of green entrepreneurs, who receive a high quality training, based on the handbook of the Green Business Model canvas developed by SCP/RAC under the SwitchMed Programme and translated into Italian within GIMED.

The training was greatly appreciated by the participants, who expressed that the concepts, training arguments and training materials were useful for their projects and the explanations given by the trainers were clear to understand.

Now and based on the previous experience, our partner Fondazione di Comunita di Messina is launching a second call for entrepreneurs, to conduct a new series of trainings for entrepreneurs that will take place until October 2021.  

Entrepreneurs at different stages of development can apply:

  • Ideation stage entrepreneurs: aspiring entrepreneurs having a business idea capable of generating impacts positive social and environmental effects for the community. The participants must reside in the Regions of Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Puglia, Sardinia or Sicily.
  • Early-stage ventures: already established companies, with registered or operational headquarters in the Regions of Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Puglia, Sardinia or Sicily, which produce products or services capable of generating positive social and environmental impacts and are still in an initial phase of their life, that is already have customers and revenues, but have not necessarily reached full economic maturity; or that, while not producing products / services that generate clear social and environmental impacts, they want to improve their environmental and social performance.

You correspond to one of this category? Apply now and join our journey towards achieving a greener and circular economy. 

Once selected, what awaits you?

You will have access to a training and accompaniment path that will allow you to acquire knowledge and skills to strengthen your activities in an environmental and social perspective. The paths will be differentiated for aspiring entrepreneurs and for companies already established.

The course will consist of a first frontal training, lasting approximately 10 days.

At the end of the training, aspiring entrepreneurs and companies with greater development potential will be selected to access the next phase of personalized coaching in which the initiatives will be followed in the implementation of the strategies presented during the training.

In particular, various private and public financial tools will be presented during the training and coaching course that can be used by participants to support the development of their business. In this context, participation in the training course will allow entrepreneurs to submit a request for funding to MECC S.C. - Social Enterprise, a microfinance company owned by the Messina Community Foundation o.n.l.u.s. and dedicated to supporting social and environmental entrepreneurship.

Furthermore, the best project ideas and the best companies that complete the training and coaching path will enter a competition that will give them the opportunity to win a grant of 7,500€ which can be used to support the development of their business.

Explore our partner’s website to learn more about the call for applications, the eligibility criteria, expected results, the selection criteria and awards; and apply online before 31 May 2021 if you think you can win