Le projet BESTMEDGRAPE est sur la bonne voie : rencontrez deux de nos entrepreneures en herbe jordaniennes


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The BESTMEDGRAPE project is on track and potential entrepreneurs have been selected in most of the countries involved in the project. In a previous article, we met Riccardo from Italy, and in this one, we will meet two potential entrepreneurs from Jordan, Dr. Rima Alomari and Dr. Alaa Ghidan.


BESTMEDGRAPE, a window to opportunities


Both entrepreneurs met BESTMEDGRAPE through the Jordan Society for Scientific Research, Entrepreneurship and Creativity.

Dr. Rima Alomari, saw a plausible opportunity to elevate her skills in nanomaterial science as well as in entrepreneurship. She tells us: “from my humble knowledge in merging science with industry and lack of experience in business I saw in BESTMEDGRAPE a great and promising project especially for women in science who need empowerment in science and engineering sectors”.

As an assistant professor in analytical chemistry, she can use her experience to initiate her own business in recycling grape waste and manufacturing new and beneficial nanoproducts, such as weight regulators and skincare ointments, with the support of the training that the project provides.

On her side, Dr. Alaa Ghidan found the project very related to her field of expertise in nanotechnology. As she has recently completed a pharmaceutical industry training for professionals from the London Medical College and produced some nano-products to solve the issues of obesity, diabetes, anticancer, she wishes to start her own business and contributes to the economic growth of her country. She also hopes to gain more technical and managerial experience from her participation in the project.


What to expect?


Succeeding in creating their own business or  launching a product line is the goal of all potential entrepreneurs.

Dr. Alomari expects after getting the acquired training, to be capable of establishing her own production line and create a business based on grape waste.

Since weight regulators and beauty products receive worldwide attention, especially for women, many collaboration and networking types would be expected.

“From my point of view, I believe that a successful entrepreneur can participate in any activity based on the fact that the entrepreneur provides ideas and plans in an organized, logical and sequential manner, far from randomness, and implement them taking into account the market needs and variables” she says.


Expending to foreign market…


For Dr. Ghidan, producing and selling nanoproducts for foreign markets would be an opportunity to increase the investment reputation in Jordan and to develop the Jordanian economic sector.

Dr. Alomari is optimistic and believes that the product she is intending to introduce to the market will go viral due to the escalation value of beauty prodcuts and the representative shapes for both genders. “I will introduce my company to huge markets, increase the sales and profits, gain brand recognition, reduce the risk of only operating in one market and extend the product’s life cycle”, she assures.