Le projet MEDUSA recherche des experts locaux pour fournir une analyse du marché du tourisme d'aventure



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The MEDUSA project is currently seeking for local tourism experts to provide an insightful analysis of the Adventure Tourism market in each of its territories of implementation (ES, IT, JO, LB, TN), in addition to determine what opportunities exist for future development of the sector.

To this end, the partnership is launching individual tender procedures in Catalonia (Spain), Puglia (Italy), Tunisia, Lebanon and Jordan. Within the following three months, the selected tourism experts will have to carry out the following tasks:

  • Provide an assessment that examines both existing attractions that already draw visitors interested in Adventure Tourism and assets that have the potential for future development in the targeted territories. This includes wilderness, leisure and recreational attractions (hiking, biking, climbing, etc. and other outdoor pursuits), historic monuments and cultural events, evaluated against several criteria including product development potential. Uncover available infrastructure and services and human capacity of the destinations;
  • Identify for each territory the complementary relationship between the host communities and tourism from a socio-economic context, incorporating gender perspectives. Review institutional support for tourism development, mapping key stakeholders (government, tourism boards, investment promotion offices, park and wildlife services, local tourism associations) and estimate the potential impacts, both negative and positive, of tourism on the environment.

For further information on the requirements of each of the tenders, please contact the following e-mail address: arodriguez@cambrabcn.org