MEDISS : report de la rencontre bilatérale entre la Tunisie et l'Italie en raison du COVID-19


The bilateral meeting between Tunisia and Italy was organised by the Tunisian partner Ira Médenine (Arid Regions Institute, Eremology and Combating Desertification Laboratory) and the Italian partners: Enas (Sardinian Water Authority) and the University of Cagliari - CIREM section CRENoS (Centre for North South Economic Research).

The TN – IT meeting, focused on the use of wastewater on agriculture, tertiary treatment, and ammonia stripping, is aimed to share knowledge, experience and best practices between partners and beneficiaries. It shall include at least one person per partner and three representatives of relevant stakeholders of the pilot areas.

After careful consideration, the partners have decided to postpone the event due to COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. The new proposed date is October 2020.

Further details will be arranged with MEDISS partners in September.