MEDSt@rts: trois offres d'emploi en Italie


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Sfirs SpA, Italian partner of the MEDSt@rts project, is looking for 3 different professional figures: external auditor, business consultant and facilitator, work psychologist.

The three figures shall execute the tasks assigned to them in accordance with the Notices published at 

The “External Auditor” must verify compliance and validate the financial reports prepared by SFIRS Spa.
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The "Business Consultant and Facilitator" will take care of the support of the beneficiaries in the drafting of the business plans, will carry out training activities and will guarantee facilitation support in the organization and management of meetings between local operators and final beneficiaries.
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The "Work Psychologist" will have to take care of an orientation path aimed at strengthening and enhancing personal resources, to develop the entrepreneurial skills and skills of the beneficiaries of the project.
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The deadline for submitting applications is 24th July 2020.

Med microfinance support system for start-ups” wants to help young people with promising business ideas overcome the traditional credit constraints to start or scale up their enterprise.
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