MEDUSA : appel d'offres pour le support de la gestion d'événements en ligne


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MEDUSA project is seeking an event management company for an online Cross-Border Seminar on Mediterranean tourism products for the Adventure Tourism segment planned on March 16, 2021. This seminar is organised to bring inbound tour operators & tourism providers of the MED region together with niche tour operators & travel agencies of key outbound markets (Northern & Western Europe, USA, etc.), alongside a seminar to share conclusions from the Global Market Research & Analysis Report as well as to exchange ideas based on sustainable innovative AT Products identified in the region and elsewhere.


Objectives and Expected Results:

The objective of this tender is to seek an event management company for an online event planned under the MEDUSA project on March 16th , 2021. The event will build on the results of ongoing MEDUSA work related to research and benchmarking in the Adventure Tourism segment in the Mediterranean. In specific, the applicant organization is expected to deliver on the following:

- Managing the technical aspects of the event including main room and 5 breakout rooms (to be set on the same platform and not as separate main rooms)

- Event registration support

- Event branding

- On boarding sessions for all speakers

- Technical support throughout the event (including pre-set links to all rooms)

- Event Recording

- Transcription of breakout rooms discussion (in English)

- Landing page using the MEDUSA website

- Interpretation in the main room only throughout the event into 3 languages with minimum latency (English to Arabic, Italian and Spanish/Catalan).


Description of the assignment

Cross Border Seminar on Mediterranean tourism products for the AT segment, The Consultants’ service is expected to provide professional support to MEDUSA project in relation to the management of this online event which aims at reaching a wide range of public and private tourism stakeholders in the partner territories, with the aim of presenting the results of the global research study that is currently being finalized by the project. The event will target 250-300 professionals in the tourism sector representing public and private stakeholders as well as NGOs with focus on tourism marketing, tourism management, adventure tourism development, related private businesses and tourism trade.

The event is planned over half a day period and shall include keynote speech, presentation of the market research conclusions & Adventure tourism products benchmarked, panel discussion, videos, breakout sessions and open discussion. Agenda will be shared with the winning applicant for further elaboration. This event will also include a digital media room for tourism press to interact with select stakeholders and project leadership which will be taking place in the main room during the breakout rooms discussions.


Start date and period of implementation of the tasks

The intended start date is February 25th 2021 and the period of implementation of the contract will be until March 25th 2021.


Reporting requirements

The contractor will submit the following reports in English in Electronic format:

- 1 Event plan

- Invitations and list of attendees (depending on how registration will be handled)

- Digital Photos of the event

- 1 Event video (up to 2 minutes)

- Transcription of the Results/conclusions of Breakout rooms discussions.

- General results of the event


Financial Information

The offer should include a detailed breakdown of all equipment, platforms, and any other tools that will be used to ensure the success of the event. Anything that is optional or can be offered on top of what was requested above, shall be marked separately, and proposed as add-ons with a separate price. Maximum amount that may be allocated to this event is 11,000 EUR. 

- The tenderers shall submit any questions in writing up to 48 hours prior to submission deadline.


Submission of Proposal

The tenderers proposal to this document shall be submitted in two parts – Technical and financial offers. Both documents and their annexes should be clearly marked as such.


Submission Deadline

The deadline for submission of tenders is February 24, 2021 at 12:00 CET. Any tender received after this deadline will be automatically rejected.


Format of the contract

Online Event Management Support for Activity 3.2 – Cross-Border Seminar on Mediterranean tourism products for the Adventure Tourism segment Reference number: MEDUSA– WP3.SS.PP2.83128 / 2

Concluded between: Jordan Inbound Tour Operators Association

Umm Uthainah, Al-Riyadh Street 15, Amman - Jordan

Represented by: Awni Kawar, Chairman of the Board


Name of the Contractor

Address of the Contractor

Represented by: Name of the legal representative and position 

Name and address of the contracting authority: Jordan Inbound Tour Operators Association (JITOA) / Amman , Jordan
Contact person: Lina Al-Khaled (email: (tel.: +962 79 5579378)