MoreThanAJob : Lancement de séminaires de formation sur le renforcement des capacités, première formation de formateurs du projet


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The launch of MoreThanAJob's Training of Trainers “ToT”(Reinforcing social and solidarity economy for the unemployed, uneducated, and refugees), has marked the beginning of the implementation phase at cross-border level of the project that aims to build and strengthen the capacity (knowledge and skills) of the participants and their respective institutions in order to provide high-quality training with a strong focus on Implementing better and more inclusive ways for the inclusion of the unemployed (including refugees and uneducated) by identifying challenges, opportunities, and solutions. The first ToT seminar was organized by Mutah University (Jordan) on 17 and 18 December 2020. The training covers 20 training hours.

The training carried out in online format, has participants from several Mediterranean countries, including Italy, Greece, Jordan, Palestine, and Lebanon. The training seminars will offer support on the ground for the implementation of the rest of the MoreThanAJob project's activities. In particular, the trainers will act as knowledge multipliers, and then training seminars will be organized in each participating country for Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) actors. In order to further support in practice the application and uptake of the adapted best practices, and finally, open calls for sub-grants will be organized, to support 10 SSE entities that will present the best work plans for the implementation of social services schemes, based on those best practices.

The contents of the first ToT seminar were focused on the five best practices modules:

Job Hunting & Interview skill and Civil Behavior:

  • Support Innovation and entrepreneurship)
  • Labor market integration through skills matching and youth empowerment, education bridging programmes, language) Education, and the recognitions of Competences acquired outside hosting country

Refugee shelters in the Middle East- Jordan as a case study & Unemployment:

  • Peer-to-peer counseling service for developing Solidarity Economy value chains
  • Establishing and strengthening the capacity of social Enterprises

Business plan, Total Quality Management & Communication skill:

  • Promotion of Social Generativity and enhancing social integration through community service interventions

The training distributed in two days. A huge discussion was held during and after each session. At the end of day two, the practical session was held.

It also explores new models, tools, and methods of delivering and demonstrating the MoreThanAJob framework of best practices, previously identified and studied for the inclusion of the unemployed (including refugees and uneducated) in the work and education system. The framework is based on the collaboration of SSE actors and public authorities for delivering in a more effective way their services. This will be done through pilot sub-projects aiming to ensure a long-term impact and the creation of jobs.

For more information on the project and its activities, visit the MoreThanAJob webpage on the ENI CBC Med website and follow us on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn.