Registrations are open for the COMMON Clean Up The Med Campaign

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The COMMON project is setting up the new edition of Clean Up the Med campaign. Since 1995 the campaign, led by the Italian NGO Legambiente, cordinator of the project, showed love and dedication to the Mediterranean Sea, reaching up the 29th edition in 2022.

Last year, more than 100 organizations joined the campaign in 16 different countries for common cleaning and environmental awareness days. This was possible thanks to NGOs, associations, students, volunteers, researchers, public and private authorities, tourism operators and citizens who joined the Clean Up the Med campaign. During the years, we collected more than 800,000 tons of waste along 100,000 miles of Mediterranean shores, but still 570,000 tons of plastic (corresponding to about 3,000 plastic bottles per minute) flow into the waters every year. 

The marine ecosystem needs protection. The Mediterranean Sea is home to 17,000 marine species even though it represents only 0.32% of the total volume of the planet's seas. It also provides important ecosystem services, such as the oxygen production and resources for the populations (fishing and tourism). And it is vital to protect them.

Would you like to be part of the new Mediterranean Task Force of Clean Up The Med 2022?

So, get ready for this new edition on the weekend of 13th -14th -15th May 2022.


Deadline for subscribe is February 15th, 2022.

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