INTECMED: supporting innovative ideas and start-ups

Description and objectives

INTECMED aims to develop an integrated innovation ecosystem at the local level, to support technology transfer and commercialization of research results, to improve the linkages between the various innovation players, notably the science system and higher education, the government (especially at the local level), the private sector (mainly SMEs), and also the citizens.

Potential beneficiaries

-    Entrepreneurs and SMEs linked to innovation and research
-    Universities and research centres 
-    Students form PhD looking to commercialize their findings
-    Other innovators aiming at retain competitiveness and capitalise on new markets using key enabling technologies (nanotechnologies, advanced materials, and advanced manufacturing and processing (production technologies) and biotechnology).

Eligible areas: Western Greece Region, Andalusia, Tunisia, Alexandria Governerate, Marsa Matruh, Al-Iskandanyah, Al Buhayrah, Kafr ash Shaykh, Ad Daqahliyah, Dumyat, Ash Sharquiyah, Al Isma’iliyah, Bur Sa’id.

Total budget available

200.000€ in total will be awarded across the Mediterranean.

Number of sub-grants and breakdown by country

The project team will select 3 ideas per country, and award the prices as following:
•    30.000 € for the 1st place in each country
•    20.000 € for the 2nd place in each country
•    10.000 € for the 3rd place in each country

Actions to be carried out with the sub-grants

The best 12 innovative business proposals will receive sub-grants for the development of new and innovative products/ services.

Selection criteria and award procedure

Phase 0 - Selection of Business Ideas
After the launch and closure of this call, all the business ideas received in each INTECMED region will be evaluated, following the criteria described in this call text by a regional committee. All the eligible applicants will be invited to present their business idea, in a pitch event. It will be a private presentation, in front of the regional committee, to ensure confidentiality in these first stages. 
Only the 12 higher scored business ideas per INTECMED region (48 in total) according to the selection criteria described in this call text, will be invited to participate in the INTECMED mentorship programme and, subsequectly, compete for the awarding of the sub-grants. 
The output of Phase 0 will be the list of selected business ideas to be mentorized in each INTECMED region.

Phase 1 - Training and Mentoring
The 12 business ideas per INTECMED region selected (48 in total) will be engaged in a mentorship programme, focused on the strengthening of entrepreneurial skills and competences which are necessary to define/refine a valid business idea and a successful business path. INTECMED mentorship programme will provide a set of tools aimed to support and advise the participants during a 6-month period:
•    Coworking facilities
•    Joint training programme in key areas of expertise: business and finance, sales, product development and legal aspects.
•    Individualized mentoring in different fields, according to every project´s needs
•    Networking activities, at an international scale
During this process, the participants will have the chance to improve and validate their business models, as well as prepare a complete business and financial plan, as one of the main outputs.

Phase 2: Selection and funding of the most promising business ideas
All those participants who have successfully completed the phase 1, will be eligible to compete for the assignment of a financial support for its business idea, by means of a sub-grant of:
•    30.000 Euros for the 1st place in each count, 
•    20.000 for the 2nd place in each country and 
•    10.000 for the 3rd place in each country 
The subgrants will be used to fund activities directly related to the development of the project. The sub-grant shall take the forms of reimbursement of costs. 
The regional committee, again, will participate in the subgrants evaluation process, being in this case the business plans the main document to be analyzed. The regional committees reserve the right not to award all available funds, if the candidates do not reach evaluation thresholds.

Applications and deadline

Tunisia - 28 February 2022
Spain -  28 February 2022
Egypt -  28 February 2022
Greece -  28 February 2022

  • Greece: Chamber of Commerce of Achaia: & 
  • Spain: Chamber of Commerce of Seville: and CTA: 
  • Tunisia: Chamber of Commerce of Cap Bon: and ANPR: 
  • Egypt: CEEBA: