MED GAIMS is presenting its achievements in the Mobile World Congress: holographic communications; held in Spain


The i2CAT Foundation returns to the leading global congress on mobile communications to showcase how such advanced digital technologies could build the digital future and enable a connected world. This edition of the congress mainly focuses on 5G, 6G and holographic communications as metaverse technologies. 6G technology will serve as a distributed neural network that provides communication links to fuse the physical with the cyber worlds. One way to represent this new digital world will be through Metaverse, which consists of a virtual world to which we connect using immersive devices and which makes us experience it as if we are actually inside it.

Holographic communications: About HoloMIT prototype and MED GAIMS use case:
The Holomit is an advanced prototype for a visual interaction between people in the metaverse. HoloMIT consists of an affordable volumetric capturing system (in 3D) that allows identified users to be transferred to a metaverse and enable their digital interaction through their natural movements. HoloMIT was developed by i2CAT useing Point Clouds instead of meshes as a representation format, thus unleashing more significant functions for capturing and viewing real objects. HoloMIT is one of the first end-to-end Holoportation platforms supporting different use cases, such as holoconference meetings, holographic conventions, and immersive social content watching in VR.

Within the MED GAIMS project, the research center introduces the Holoportation as a novel immersive technology to experience museums and places of interest in touristic locations. In this use case, while being holoported, the participants will be fully immersed inside a VR environment, as if they were physically there. This technology opens the door to witness new ways and approaches for visiting museums, exhibitions, or tourism attractions.