MoreThanAJob in Palestine supports 50 young people towards employment through Orjuwan sub grant


"Reinforcing social and solidarity economy for the unemployed, uneducated and refugees" (MoreThanAJob) project aims at promoting economic and social development by facilitating inclusivity within the employment & educational system of some of the most vulnerable population groups.

In May 2021, MoreThanAJob project launched a call for proposals for sub-grants to be awarded to the Social Solidarity Economy ‘SSE’ institutions and entities. A high standard of 15 proposals was received from several institutions in Palestine, and after careful evaluation of all applications, MoreThanAJob team, announced the 2 winning projects in Palestine.

Currently, there are two Palestinian social solidarity economy institutions (SSE), that were supported financially by MoreThanAJob project sub grants. One of those SSEs is Partners for Sustainable Development (PSD).

The first winning project titled" Orjuwan: Fostering The Economic Empowerment of Fresh Female Graduates (From The Marginalized Areas) and Preparing them to Enrol in the Labour Market" is run by PSD which strives to promote economic and social development by fostering the economic empowerment of fresh female graduates from marginalized areas and preparing them to enrol in the labour market.

Project Main Target:

The project works with 50 Palestinian young people from low-income socio-economic backgrounds aged between 20-35 through professional programs in the field of graphic design and digital marketing, fostering their capacities of self-employment, providing networking opportunities and encouraging their entrepreneurship.

This will be achieved by providing 10 hours of life skills training, followed by 30 hours on technical training (Digital Marketing & Graphic Design) and 20 hours on Business Planning & Pitching training. The trainings are expected to start during during the month of March 2022 once an agreement is signed with the Ministry of Labour in Palestine.

Job creation and expected employment opportunities

After the completion of these trainings, 10 projects will be selected and funded with priority given to female participants who have experience in graphic design and digital marketing and based on economic need. The project also expects to offer 50% of participants the opportunity to sign official contracts with a number of community-based organizations (CBO)s as employment opportunities.

Project progress:

PSD has completed the needs assessment and research studies, networking with relevant stakeholders to increase awareness through media campaigns and has also completed participant selection through an application process that included over 140 applicants.

On Wednesdays, Feb 23, 2022 & Mar 02, 20222, PSD organized number of interviews to meet the applicants and select the target group accordingly through set of standards and where eventually 50 participants were selected. The interviews were hosted by Nablus Chamber of Commerce & Industry (NCCI) Hall during the two days.

As planned, the training started on March 13 and 17, 2022 in an opening event that took place at Nablus Chamber of Commerce and Industry Hall. The training initiated through 10 hours on life skills and the upcoming topics divided in two separated sessions.

Monitoring and evaluation efforts will take place through a joint collaboration between An Najah National University, Nablus Chamber of Commerce & Industry and PSD.

PSD is also working hardly on obtaining new synergies and enhancing the Networking with private sector and CBOs to gain the most benefit.

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