COMMON: seven Tunisian good practices to reduce marine litter


Akouda, Mahdia, Monastir and Sayada. These are the first Tunisian municipalities that have chosen to share their adopted good practices to reduce the marine pollution throughout the whole Mediterranean area. From composting stations to awareness events, from waste separation and recycling of materials to ecological footprint actions: strategies that have proved to be useful and well thought-out and which can therefore facilitate other municipalities in the more sustainable management of marine litter.

Keeping them together is the Network of Coastal Cities, a network of good practices born thanks to COMMON, the cooperation project funded by Eni CBC Med which sees Italy, Lebanon and Tunisia engaged in the fight against marine litter and in a more sustainable management of waste. A tool that focuses on sharing virtuous projects and on the transfer of innovative strategies and solutions to areas that are facing the same critical issues.

The first protagonists to join the network were the Tuscan Maremma and Puglia (the two Italian pilot areas of the project), which in the last year and a half have taken part in a path of mutual comparison, with operators in the tourism sector and fishing, and who will now go to share their experiences at the Mediterranean level. Today is the turn of the Tunisian municipalities, with seven good practices, a number that will grow in the coming weeks thanks to the work of the Institut National des Sciences et Technologies de la Mer, COMMON project Tunisian partner.

All the good practices made available to the territories will be collected on the platform in the "Coastal Cities Network" section.

How to join the network?

Anyone can join the network.

Being part of the network is very simple: write to and tell about the good practice to share to the project staff.