Applications within MED GAIMS project is supporting Masters’ research in Jordan


Over the past two decades, the applications of games have been shifting from mere entertainment to educational applications that supports teachers. So, gamification in such applications would refer to the process of using and applying game elements, mechanisms, and principles to non-game contexts to increase user engagement and motivation.

The involvement of Jordan University of Science and Technology in the ENI project MED GAIMS have inspired architectural masters' students to introduce the gamification process within the Architectural Design process. Although the benefits of gamification to education in general and architectural design in particular have been realized, yet, the gamification tool has not been applied in the early design stages.

Gamification could help in designing experiential architecture and in supporting concern on behavioral issues with the architectural spaces. Under the supervision of MED GAIMS members Dr. Ahmed Freewan and Dr. Sana Roqiabat, a masters’ student in the Department of Architecture at JUST-Jordan is attempting to develop a framework that supports innovative architecture design methods enabling improved design activities and of quality of the process outcomes.  
This research constitutes a first step towards the development and implementation of gamification in the Architectural Concept Stage. This would bring the following advantages:

•    A new educational tool to concept design 
•    A reformulation of the design education process into a student-centered approach making the student more productive of ideas and thus more responsible on process outcomes

It is expected that this research will pave the way for future studies and research to consider integrating gamification, digital games, and other technologies within architectural education in its various curricula.