MoreThanAJob launches a training course to transfer technical skills in the upholstery industry for 15 young people in Palestine


On Tuesday, June 07, 2022, the Civil Society of Nablus Governorate (CSNG), sub grantee of MoreThanAJob in Palestine, launched its second vocational training in the field of upholstery as part of “Fostering Economic Empowerment of Women from Less Fortunate Families through vocational Training” project. The training targets 15 Palestinians from low-income socio-economic backgrounds aged between 16-35. It also includes 150 training hours that will be implemented under the supervision of Mr. Youssef Shreem at the Vocational Training Centre (VTC) Shreim in addition to 250 field training hours that will be implemented in furniture factories.

The training course is hosted by the Vocational Training Centre (VTC) in Nablus which provides a hands-on learning environment where trainees learn how to upholster through demonstrations they can apply to their own projects.

This training is designed to prepare vocational trainees to perform various technical skills in all phases of the upholstery industry.

In the opening speech, Eng. Naseer Arafat, the director of CSNG, welcomed the attendees, and thanked the training’s participants, organizers and supporters ‎for ‎their efforts. He also stressed the importance of the upholstery training as the participants will learn the latest techniques and they will receive pieces of  advice, exposure and opportunities within this industry to help them on their path to becoming an upholsterer.

Eng. Mohammad Deeb, the general manager of VTC referred to the importance of the complementary relationship between the public and private sectors through societal institutions. He emphasized on the role of these institutions in serving Palestinian young people through offering them vocational trainings that equip them with the required skills to find decent job opportunities.

In her speech, Miss Dima Hilan, projects coordinator at Nablus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, stated that the demand for upholsterers is great and increasing based on the latest statistics and studies in the labor market.

Dr. Samah Saleh, MoreThanAJob project’s representative at An-Najah University noted that this training is designed to teach the trainees how to upholster furniture and help them grow their skills that will get them through any upholstery project. She added that the opportunity is packed with in-depth, practical training and resources on all aspects of re-upholstering furniture.

Mr. Shreem expressed his pleasure in taking part in this training as he enjoys helping others learn the art and craft of upholstery. He also extended his thanks and gratitude to those who contributed to the success of this training. Additionally, he asserted that the training will produce highly productive workers who are ready to enter the labor market and work directly in the furniture factories.

Ms. Dina Haroun, the only female participants among the trainees, expressed hope that she will start her own business in the upholstery industry.

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