GIMED: 8 start-ups in Egypt will benefit from a 7,500€ grant to consolidate their business models

Antoni Shkraba, Pexels

A total of 11 start-ups (5 ideation stage and 6 early stage ventures) joined two different pitching events to compete for grants of up to 7,500€ to help them implement new strategies, create new products and services or export their products to reach new markets. Hosted by Alexandria Business Association, the Egyptian partner behind GIMED, the events took place on the 25th and 27th of July.

From these participants, the grants were finally awarded to 4 ideation stage ventures (Neobloq, NoorNation, Farawla Tech, Aklak Taza) and 4 early stage ventures (Taqatak, Karma Poultry, Nabolia Tech, KIWA). As per the green start-ups, there were different initiatives in fields such as renewable energy and energy efficiency, plastic waste, sustainable construction, sustainable farming and sustainable food and agriculture.

The list of participants of the grant pitching events included the following ventures:

Ideation stage ventures:

  • Neobloq: a project that manufactures eco-friendly nice bricks for the construction industry.
  • NoorNation: an Egyptian-based renewable energy manufacturing start-up bringing sustainable decentralized energy and water infrastructure solutions to the off-grid sector.
  • Farawla Tech: a service for designing and implementing greenhouses with a soiless cultivation system to produce strawberries.
  • Aklak Taza: a digital platform that promotes home-made food and provide locals with job opportunities.
  • O-Water: addressing the single use plastic bottles by creating and dispensers that provide high quality drinking water in both public and private areas.

Early stage ventures:

  • Karma Poultry: a green chicken farm and slaughter house to produce sustainable poultry products.
  • Nabolia: an e-commerce offering furniture industry in Damietta access to local and international markets.
  • Taqatak: this start-up creates branded solar-powered products for advertising in public spaces.
  • Pumpo: a waste management cycle that starts from users at home including sorting and reducing landfills.
  • KIWA: providing clean fresh products using a technology that makes products affordable to consumers and are feasible and scalable for farmers, using less resources and inputs.
  • Ekhdar Egypt: an online application serving sustainable farming.


The panel of Jury Members included experts across the region such as Mahmoud Khamis (SMEs Analyst at Leaders International); Rand Abdel Kader (Project Coordinator at Leaders International); Walid M. Eid (Chairman & CEO of SkillsDynamix); Riham Adel (Founder & CEO of Job Nile Co); Ahmed Mansi (Managing Partner at Takamol Consultancy FZC).