GIMED: 20 ideation and growth-stage ventures joined a successful pitching event in Tunisia


On Wednesday the 14th GIMED celebrated a pitching event in Tunisia focused on ideation and ventures stage entrepreneurs. Organized by Tunisian Confederation of Citizen Enterprises, our partner in the region, 12 start-ups in ideation stage and 8 start-ups in growth stage that completed capacity building workshops and their coaching, presented their pitch.

The pitch was divided into two groups with two different Evaluation Committees. For ideation-stage, the start-ups that presented their pitch are:

Ideation-stage start-ups:

  • BRINNOVAT: a start-up to recover cellulosic waste (agricultural wood waste and sheep's wool), process it and produce a light wood concrete to make ecological building blocks with innovative features. It obtains a draining concrete colored in the mass for exterior decoration and renovation works
  • CAMINOVA: a start-up that helps food and pharmaceutical industries to improve the quality of life by using camelian gelatin as an alternative to standard gelatin.
  • Degienv: a platform for collaboration of resources and promotion of environmental actions of communities and industries aiming at an ecological transition.
  • Eyetrap: A solution in the Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things field that installs an image sensor in traps, monitors the images of the pests they contain and sends them wirelessly to a centralized platform.
  • Fungi Circle: a company producing edible mushrooms and organic compost through the valorization of organic waste
  • Graines de Bonheur: a market garden located in Tabarka specialized in the production and sale of market garden plants of resistant local varieties and farmers' seeds.
  • Green Plus: a recycling distributor that collects and recycles plastic bottles for phone refill tickets to speed up the collection and recovery of plastic bottles.
  • Icona Agricole: a transformation of agricultural products (pepper, tomato) and PMA drying and packaging with recovery of their waste.
  • Inara Solutions: a company working in the clean energy sector (solar, wind, biomass, etc.)
  • MENTUCA: a company specialized in the production of sustainable and eco-responsible jam and mint following the hydro culture.

Growth-stage start-ups:

  • Cheese Ferme de Soleil: an integrated project on the valorization of the richness of a Tunisian village in milk and the manufacture of cheeses.
  • Eco Explore: it’s an eco-lodge created and developed in an eco-responsible way and integrating spaces of services restoration, camping, lodging, excursion, animation valorization and sale of the products of soil
  • General Business Company: a project that consists mainly in designing, implementing and coordinating actions to improve the energy performance of the country and to take stock of energy uses.
  • Mon Sapo:  a green tech startup that aims to recycle used vegetable oils and wood ash by using alkaline materials and other ingredients to transform them into ready-to-use, ecological, efficient, economical and natural, and thus marketable products.
  • SSAN: this project represents a totally mobile unit that accompanies farmers in their conversion from traditional agriculture to "Certified" organic farming.
  • VITAVIE: a center for the valorization of wool and training of rural women in the realization of articles from wool and in hygiene of life in the North West of Tunisia.

As per the Jury Members, there were the following experts for the ideation-stage start-ups: Mr. Wahb Ourteni (Expert in Innovation Management and Consultant in Communication Strategy and Branding and in Business Strategy and Start-ups); Mr. Hijazi Natsheh (Founder & CEO of Jeelcode); Mme. Amel Guinoubi (Senior Technical Officer Development of Waste Recycling Channels) and Mr. Mounir Majdoub (Moderator and Former Secretary of State for the Environment.

In the case of the growth-stage entrepreneurs, the Jury Members were: Mr. Anis Chaari (Public Accountant Member of the OECT); Mr. Mahdi Bhouri (Macro-Economist and Official of the BCT) and Mr. Riadh Zayane (Expert Consultant in Business Development and Marketing).