Italy: INNOMED-UP installs smart bins to promote circular economy in the city of Prato


Thanks to the INNOMED-UP project funded under ENI CBC Med Programme, in collaboration with the Caritas Foundation and high school 'ITS Buzzi', 10 Smart Bins have been installed in the Italian city of Prato for the collection of textile waste (fabrics, jeans, shoes, pillow cases) and objects. The containers, designed by the Technical University of Athens, using a sensor system, software and a connection to the network, notify the person in charge of the collection by sending an email, informing him of the status of the same container on the amount of material donated.

The purpose of this activity is to reuse the material giving it a new life and a new creative use.

Once the material from the 10 containers has been collected, the Caritas Reuse Laboratory will take care of reworking it to create objects and clothing that can be sold at a market- exhibition that will be created at the end of the project.

The bins can be found all over the city and have been positioned with public and private entities that, with their work, promote and use Circular and Creative Economy practices.

Below is the list of the 10 collection stations:

  • Caritas Laboratory, Via Magnolfi 67
  • Emporium of Solidarity, Via del Seminario 26
  • Association Recuperiamoci! Onlus, Via di Cantagallo 33
  • Lottozero textile laboratory, Via Arno 10
  • URP - Public relations office, Piazza del Comune 9
  • PRISMA headquarters, Via Galcianese 34
  • San Niccolò Conservatory, Piazza Niccolò Cardinale 6
  • PIN - University Pole City of Prato, Piazza Ciardi 25
  • Youth Workshop, Piazza dei Macelli 4
  • Lazzerini Library, Via Puccetti 3