From Canada to Italy on the trail of BESTMEDGRAPE: read the story of Melodie Padula


"Sun, sea, holiday: my story begins in Sicily where my family originates from. It starts with a diffucult moment, but I transformed a personal problem in a starting point: from a trouble with my skin, something born that changed my life for ever". 

We met Melodie in Cagliari, where she decided to come to know a reality that she has been following remotely since 2019, that is, since it was born: our BESTMEDGRAPE project.

Let's continue her story: "During the summer of 2016 while in Sicily, I hit the lowest point of my life. My severe, cystic acne was at its worst and my self esteem was very low. I was left without after sun to treat my sunburn without irritating my severe acne. The problem was that available products only provided temporary sunburn relief, contained synthetic and irritating ingredients. It was at that moment when I decided to look to my roots to find a solution. I discovered powerful botanicals used by my family for centuries for sun burns, acne and other common skin conditions. With a life-long love for science, I began market and ingredients research once I was back home in Toronto and I created my personal natural sun care line of products named Curù skin. I began building relationships with harvesters in Canada and Italy who mentored me and led me to create the The After Sun Facial Oil formula using 14 plant-powered ingredients that target UV damage, reduce sunburn redness, deeply hydrates, and soothes acne and other common skin conditions with overnight results."

In September 2022 Melodie contacted the Lead Beneficiary and decide to leave her family, friends and job in Toronto in order to come to Italy, improve and expand her product line by innovating plant waste within the framework of BESTMEDGRAPE.

Her goal is to innovate the product formula, the After Sun Facial Oil, with byproducts from winemaking and create new products with the support of the scientific and business creation teams of BESTMEDGRAPE. Furthermore, she is working to build relationships with harvesters, winemakers and laboratories, and to create competitive, sustainable products with real results.

Our best wishes to Melodie and welcome in the BESTMEDGRAPE community!