MedSNAIL in Palestine: Olive holiness for Palestinians

Olive being extracted into oil after harvesting and cleaning in the village olive oil mill - RWDS edition

The MedSNAIL team in Palestine, during a recent technical visit to its pilot area, collected the testimonies of some farmers coinciding with the end of the olive season, a crop closely linked to the agri-food heritage of the territory.


Live testimonies:

Um Bashar is an middle aged woman who suffered from long term migration in Kuwait and Jordan for a long time, but she was still attached to her home village in Palestine “Anza”. She explained: "I adore olive trees, and I feel extremely happy when I pick olives. Palestine is a part of the Mediterranean countries; we share olives that we consider our precious oil and gold".


Um Bashar feeling thrilled about picking olives in her land in Anza village – West Bank


As Abu Bashar (her husband) follows by taking us on a tour to the olive farms and olive pressing mill where oil is being extracted, he says: “I raise olive trees the same way I raise my children, with love and affection”.  


Abu Bashar, helping his wife with olive picking at olive harvesting season in Palestine


Taiseer Sadaqa, a member of the village council mentions that olive pressing process begins when farmers bring olives back home to remove the dirt and leaves to ensure the quality of the oil and to make sure it is clean and extra virgin. Moreover, it’s stored in plastic gallons which is not preferable for long term storage and got replaced lately by stainless steel containers or colored Glass Jar.