REUSEMED partners continue with their official meeting in Italy and visit entities and foundations that promote the culture of reuse


Second day in Italy, and second day in which the REUSEMED project partners did not waste a single minute. After a few hours dedicated in the morning to the finance and communication presentations of the project and bilateral meetings at the Capannori Town Hall, the partners undertook three institutional visits in the afternoon. 

The first location to visit was the company ASCIT. An outstanding clean point where the citizens of the Capannori area can deliver those objects or waste that do not normally enter the official waste collection network. Serving more than 150,000 inhabitants, this center works to cover more than a dozen of municipalities.

In addition, REUSEMED members also had the opportunity to learn about the work of the Zero Waste Italy association at the Rifiuti Zero centre. In this space, its director Rosanno Ercolini advocated working towards achieving zero waste, and illustrated to the audience those everyday objects/utensils whose reuse becomes complicated.

Finally, to close the afternoon, all REUSEMED members visited the Terra di tutti Association, an organisation that gives a second life to different materials, such as umbrellas, whose fabric is used to make bags.