REUSEMED partners get to know projects to promote a second life for materials


Last day of the 3-day visit. REUSEMED partners visited the headquarters of the Remida Project, an initiative of the Fondazione Reggio Children. It works with schools, trainers and citizens to give a second life to different materials.
Afterwards, all the members visited the Loris Malaguzzi Centre, where the Fondazione Reggio Children is based. This is an Educational and Research Centre for Education where initiatives related to experimentation and the use of materials are also developed. Various types of workshops are held, for example, to experiment with the reactions of different types of materials with light or to create different objects with different types of materials.

At the end of the working day, the Steering Committee of the REUSEMED project took place. It reinforced the ideas shared during the three days of meetings in Italy, explained and organised the next steps to be taken with the REUSEMED APP, emphasised the preparation of the final event of the project in Cordoba, and the progress towards the completion of the project in June this year.