MoreThanAJob in Italy supported new services and opportunities for the inclusion of migrant communities in Palermo


Enhancing the soft skills of people with a migrant background and creating orientation services for a better social and labour inclusion: the journey of The Game.


Aiming at increasing the level of social and labour inclusion of people with a migrant background, The Game promoted the strengthening of the collaboration between public and private actors in order to enhance the social and welfare services’ offer addressed to migrant communities.


In line with the journey and objectives of MoreThanAJob, the initiative addressed one of the priorities included in the MoreThanAJob framework, more precisely “Social service delivery is increasingly responsive and generates greater social stability and livelihood outcomes based on the needs of host, refugee and immigrants’ populations”. Building on a previous good practice – the IN GIOCO Peer-to-peer counselling service – The Game foresaw a peer-to-peer counselling desk supporting in discovering employment opportunities in the territory and the local welfare services’ offer.

Along with the counselling service, The Game realised the following main activities:

  • Workshops on Italian language through informatics to support participants in increasing their knowledge of the Italian language and, at the same time, in gaining informatic skills needed for the labour market.
  • A career day as an opportunity to discover more about employment opportunities in Palermo, to have initial information on how to prepare for a job interview or to look for a job. During the event, participants received a voucher for an interview with a local organisation as a first step in practising their job interviewing skills and getting in contact with local business realities.
  • Recreational and communication events to foster the dialogue among the migrant and local communities in Palermo while sharing the opportunities offered by The Game.  

What results?

  • More than 200 people with a migrant background received career guidance and were supported in discovering and better orienteering in the labour market, with a particular focus on the opportunities offered in the territory of Palermo.
  • Two peer-to-peer counsellors gained and improved their skills in supporting other people in accessing local services and in enhancing their employability opportunities. Indeed, while working at the counselling service, Moussa and Karidja had the possibility to further explore their capacities and to gain new ones supporting their personal and professional growth.
  • A renewed collaboration with the Municipality of Palermo and, in particular, with the services addressed to the migrant communities in order to improve the offer of services and opportunities for a better inclusion both in society and in the labour market.


The Game – Orientation to the Future is one of the two initiatives sub-granted by MoreThanAJob in Italy and coordinated by Per Esempio Onlus

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