InnovAgroWoMed organises a conference on how to support the innovative potential of women in sustainable agri-food entrepreneurship

In a traditionally male-dominated field such as the Agri-food sector, women are still underrepresented, and their contribution is rarely acknowledged. Women face gender disparities in access to natural and financial resources and must deal with several obstacles when entering the labour market or realising their entrepreneurial projects.

Despite these issues, women established themselves in this field over the years thanks to their commitment, competence and attention to environmental and social sustainability. However, much remains to be done to create a favourable ecosystem for female entrepreneurship in Agribusiness, a sector with untapped potential for Mediterranean countries. 

We will discuss these challenges and opportunities during the event Voices from the Mediterranean - How to support the innovative potential of women in sustainable agribusiness, which will take place in Palermo (Italy) on International Women's Day: March 8th, from 10.30 a.m. to 1 p.m. 

Women's empowerment in agri-food systems is the central topic of the event, focusing on the crucial role that women can play in the sustainable development and economic growth of rural communities. During the conference, several speakers (e.g. experts, employer's organisations, agri-food union representatives, and women business owners) will analyse the challenges and opportunities of female participation in the agri-food sector. The event will allow experts and individuals to reflect on strategies and tools to support female entrepreneurship. Moreover, participants will be able to discover the success stories of young female entrepreneurs from Italy, Palestine, Spain and Tunisia, who will present their business ideas and share the journey that led them to create their start-ups. This event is organised in the framework of InnovAgroWoMed.


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