TRANSDAIRY: Call for Applications to fund demonstration prototypes of innovative technologies Offering Solutions to the Dairy Value Chain in Lebanon


The Euro Lebanese Centre for Industrial Modernisation (ELCIM) at the Industrial Research Institute (IRI) under the ENI CBC Med TRANSDAIRY co-funded project, has issued a call to support 4 demonstrators with projects applied to the Dairy sector. The demonstrators should develop innovative solutions in the field of Key Enabling Technologies (KETS) in Dairy, ICT, and Bio/nanotechnology for the Dairy Value Chain (DVC). 

Entrepreneurs, enterprises, industries, SMEs, startups, and researchers working in the Dairy Innovation Sector or in the ICT and bio–Nano technologies applicable to the DVC and looking for support to further develop their innovative projects are invited to apply. 

4 selected participants from Lebanon will benefit from a 4,000 euros voucher, which will enable them to support the development of their project.

This presents an opportunity to develop an innovative solution that could be offered to the Dairy sector and scaled to Mediterranean markets. 

Shortlisted participants might be invited to present their project in front of a selection committee and four of them will finally be selected to benefit from the grant and support.   


The deadline to submit this application is March 31, 2023.

Who Can Apply

  • Innovators, entrepreneurs, and key enabling technology providers (KET) within the Dairy Value Chain, the Dairy, ICT, and Bio Nano sectors.
  • Ventures and companies working on R&D projects applied to the DVC
  • SMEs, industries, and NGOs working on in the Dairy, ICT, or Bio/Nanotechnologies industries.
  • Researchers, Faculty Members, Lab Members, working on research in the above-mentioned sectors.

What countries are included in the call?

  • Entrepreneurs/organizations in Lebanon offering an innovative project applied to the Dairy Value Chain.

Eligibility criteria

 Participants should:

  • Reside in Lebanon
  • Demonstrate the project including demonstrated economic viability and combine innovation, applicability, scalability, and team experience
  • Demonstrate the Innovation and technology readiness level

Key benefitsand opportunities 

  • Access a voucher of 4,000 euros that will be used to support in the development of the project and turn it project into an applied solution to the Dairy Value Chain. 
  • Provide the opportunity to pitch the solution during HORECA 2023 exhibition and benefit from the exposure brought by this event.
  • Access to the Transdairy regional online collaborative platform which features a database of Dairy Value Chain regional demand and offer and allows communication and networking among regional innovators, suppliers, partners, prospective clients, etc.  
  • Invitation to participate and benefit from the subsequent Transdairy activities for 2023, which include Vouchers for a Co-patent, Vouchers for the creation of Spin-offs, and vouchers for co-publications.