GIMED: Sharqi Palestine, preserving the environment and cultural heritage through fashion


Meet Hala Rashada, a Palestinian entrepreneur and the CEO of Sharqi Palestine. Her startup focuses on creating traditional Palestinian products using eco-friendly embroidery techniques and sustainable materials. Hala had the idea for her business, but she was searching for ways to obtain the skills and assets to make her dream come true. She discovered the GIMED project through her email inbox. GIMED, under the ENI CBC Program, aims to provide emerging ventures with better access to finance and international markets.

The program's focus on supporting startups emerging in the Mediterranean intrigued her, and she felt it offered a unique opportunity to learn and grow as an entrepreneur. Hala joined the program join with the partner in the country: Leaders International.

As Hala explained, "We hope to reduce our negative impact on the environment while preserving our cultural heritage." One of the key added values of Sharqi Palestine is its promotion of awareness about the negative impacts of plastic bags on the environment. By offering high-quality reusable tote bags as an alternative, Hala hopes to encourage customers to make more sustainable choices in their everyday lives.

During the program, Hala learnt about a wide range of tools and strategies to improve her business, including new marketing techniques to reach her target audience and increase sales. The program also provided an opportunity to network with a diverse group of entrepreneurs, many of whom had valuable perspectives and insights to share. Overall, Hala feels that the program has had a significant impact on her startup and her personal growth as an entrepreneur.

Since setting up her startup, Hala's biggest accomplishment has been opening her first small shop, a little apartment located near her home, which makes it easy to manage and operate. This shop represents a major milestone for the startup.

However, like many startups, Sharqi Palestine faced some administrative challenges during its establishment.Starting a new business is never easy, and there will always be challenges and setbacks along the way. However, if you are passionate about your idea and are willing to put in the hard work and dedication, then anything is possible. Hala's biggest advice to someone starting out as an entrepreneur is to stay focused on your vision and never give up


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