Improving agricultural economy through enhancing local farming
A.1 Business and SMEs development
A.1.2: Strengthen and support euro-Mediterranean networks, clusters, consortia and value-chains in traditional sectors (agro-food, tourism, textile/clothing, etc.) and non-traditional sectors (innovative ideas solutions for urban d
The serious deterioration that is facing the Gaza strip in all walks of life has led to widespread of poverty and unemployment among its inhabitants, and that prevented its people from providing their families with life’s basic needs, and the most negatively affected category was the disables people which make most of them to live under very difficult economic and living conditions, so they are depending on receiving aids, although most of them have the motives and the ability to work and become an active individuals in the society, and the unemployment rate has reached to 50% among them. The widespread of poverty among disable people and doing so through improving their skills and abilities to engage them with the work force through vocational training in fields needed by the labour market, the training will help them to gain the required technical skills and enhance their chance to get jobs. In addition to that, to facilitate their integration to labour market by supporting their own small projects as a source of income, and the increasing necessity need for this project came from the steady increasing of disable people number in the Gaza strip for different reasons on top of that the successive Israeli occupation assaults on the Gaza strip, and the disable people rate reached about 2.6% from the total population of Gaza strip according to Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics in 2012 which equivalent to 40,000 disabled person, and the number has increased after the last Israeli assault in 2014 which left at least 3000 injured with permanent disability. In addition to the widespread of poverty and unemployment rate reached to 50% among them.
500 farmers especially disabled ones will be trained on using system called closed greenhouse and this system uses the solar energy to run its equipment, the system contains (full block of clays, water pools with 30 Cm depth to grow the vegetables and the water filtering system , the agricultural council will provide us with 3 farming specialists to design this system and they will be sent oversees in order to be coached on this new technique hands-on-training course in Europe through the sharing and the know-how transfer, the local economic council will help the farmers to market for their products for the local market in order to reach the economic development and production efficiency increased by 20%, the ministry of agricultural will benefit from this project by copying this new technique and applying it in the notional level not just municipalities because this technique is widely used, approved its efficiency and effectiveness of using renewable energy and reducing the water consumption The innovation character of this project that this project will contribute to achieve the sustainable development with its three basic dimensions, the socio-economic dimension that will reduce poverty and activating the vulnerable people (disables) participation to achieve the equality of training for both female and male, and the environmental dimension by using green systems which will prevent the environmental collapse.
• Self-help income generating initiatives enhanced.
• Water consumption reduced by 40-50% at 100 greenhouses.
• Production of consumable crops improved.
• Capacity will be enhanced, particularly in organic pest control as well as the dangers of pesticides and water management.
- Quality control of the products improved.
- Establish cooperation with other olive-growing regions outside the EU.
- Provide an effective solution to the economic and environmental crisis that is affecting traditional olive farming;
- Concentrates on increasing the capacity of Palestinian municipalities to enhance, organise and institutionalise Local Economic Development.
Municipality of Abasan Al-Kabira
Local or regional public administration