EU-funded CROSSDEV promotes the cultural and natural beauty of Palestine


Ameen Saeb, Mariana Nofal, and Lama abu Hilal, famous influencers and a journalist with hundreds of thousands local and international followers, have recently visited and discovered the cultural and natural wonders of Palestine thanks to the EU-funded project CROSSDEV.

Invited by local partner the Palestinian Heritage Trail, the bloggers had the opportunity to get to know and experience the trail, part of which was developed by CROSSDEV in the last four years and which is now one of the five Hidden Mediterranean destinations that CROSSDEV has created to promote sustainable and responsible tourism in the Mediterranean.

Across three full days, the bloggers interacted with lots of locals, tasted traditional food, visited attractions and accommodations, learnt about community culture, joined local events, experienced a guided trekking, had lots of fun and much, much more.

The highlights of their trips are obviously available for everyone to enjoy through posts, reels and stories! Have a look at their social pages and get a taste of Palestine, now!



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