Are you looking for an expert on communication/capitalisation?
A.1 Business and SMEs development
A.1.1: Support innovative start-up and recently established enterprises, with a particular focus on young and women entrepreneurs and facilitate the protection of their Intellectual Property Rights and commercialisation where applicable
FEH is an organisation with expertise in EU project (15). Role: communication design and developer in EU project. UMOB: network of universities and raising awareness campaigns in mobility: Publicity and marketing, design of raising awareness materials (posters, advice sheets, questionnaires, promotional gadgets), campaigns, slogans, reporting, recollection, update, monitoring, shipping and distribution of materials. https://u-mob.eu/materials/

FEH also has expertise in fields such as equality, integration, minorities and women. Issues: gender equality; training and mentoring to avoid women harassment at work; training for minorities and people (migrants, women, and youth) at risk of social exclusion; improvement of employability and tailored itineraries of training, outplacement, orientation and professional support
We are willing to stablish win-win relations with possible partners of previous projects in order to lead a project on inclusion, sme development or those ares where FEH has expertise. Please contact for further information
We expect to be able to build up consortiums for a proper capitalisation of previous project results
FEH has a wide range of contacts through the mediterranean so we can provide/give assistance to form strong partnerships.
We may be either applicants or co-applicants.
Jose Enrique
Fundacion Equipo Humano