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A.1 Business and SMEs development
A.1.3 Sustainable tourism
The Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities (MOTA) is a local public authority in Jordan-Amman. The main functions amongst its ample scope of activities are the development, deployment and promotion of economic and social activities contributing to the economical, tourism, technological and social growth in the whole kingdom of Jordan and its 9 Directorates located in the Governorates. MOTA aims to the following:
1- Facilitating tourism-related to tourists in cooperation with the competent authorities and tourism organizations inside and outside the Kingdom and providing them with amenities and care.
2- Developing comprehensive integrated programs for tourism advertising, implementing, supervising and marketing tourism and promoting them to the Kingdom in cooperation with the relevant authorities.
3- Concluding tourism agreements with regional and international tourism organizations and bodies with the approval of the Council of Ministers.
4- Organizing, sponsoring and encouraging investment in the tourism sector in accordance with the general policy established by the Council.
5- Encouraging, organizing and sponsoring domestic tourism and tourism investment, and organizing tourist programs for this purpose, in order to introduce citizens to the landmarks of the Kingdom.
6- Work to provide the manpower and technical capabilities necessary for the tourism professions to raise the level of performance and sufficiency in the work of these professions in cooperation with relevant local and international institutions, organizations and bodies.
7- Prepare special studies and research for the development and development of tourism professions.
8- Carrying out any other tourism related activities decided by the Council.
The objective is to join a project in which MOTA becomes a tool for helping the development of different economic sectors, with a special interest on business and SMEs development, focusing mainly on sustainable mobility and tourism.
The option of taking part in any of the objectives addressed is open, as MOTA aims to become a hallmark where innovation and technology has to be seen as everyday processes. We can see this in the progress we have made in recent years with different projects, the different public administrations, and the private business by means of public-private collaboration.
MOTA is interested in providing expertise in the areas mentioned. Our tools include one of the most important Incubator Networks for the Middle East and the Mediterranean area (consisting of 9 Directorates spread across all over the cities, and in which over the last 5 years have hosted many projects and investments nationally and internationally) and a wide experience in European Programmes, mainly on the territorial cooperation scope.
Our aim is to become a partner (not leader) of a project proposal.
The Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities (MOTA).
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