Eco -Vision
Water collection & eco-park
B.4 Environmental protection, climate change adaptation and mitigation
B.4.1: Support sustainable initiatives targeting innovative and technological solutions to increase water efficiency and encourage use of non-conventional water supply
water storage & solar garden park
Underground water space created by Cross-Wave effectively controls flood of river and drainage caused by heavy rain. At the same time it also provides a system through which stored rain water can be used according to necessity. The reserved water can be used for all purposes such as daily life usage, industrial usage or at the time of emergency.
- it will be build under public park, parking, playground
-The park integrated with energy systems.
- Ecological Design
*reduces rainwater runoff and proposes effective use of rain water
use for:
- rain water harvesting
- reuse
-fire fighting
- flood control
* water garden
*on-site renewable electricity
2 million dollars
should be reviewed
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