Egypt: The six graduates of the MAIA-TAQA 'Training of the Trainers' program in Egypt will guide SME’s in reinventing their innovative energy efficiency services


In cooperation with the local partners, the Confederation of Egyptian European Business Associations (Egypt), Jordan Chamber of Commerce (Jordan) and Industrial Research Institute (Lebanon), the certified trainers will lead the way to the roll-out of the MAIA-TAQA training for SMEs to reintroduce their innovative Energy Efficiency services. 

The training roll-outs will guide SMEs to offer more innovative resource-efficient services, such as consulting, engineering and operations. The roll-outs aim to increase the volume and effectiveness of these services to reduce the negative pressure of conventional energy sources used on the environment.

The pilot areas in Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon that tested Renewable Energy services, will act as real-life examples for the students, giving them needed knowledge on field implementation, innovative technologies, information on regulatory framework issues, finance and framework implementation.

This will help guide SMEs to a proper innovation process that would able them to identify the needs, structure the creative solutions, and commercialize them.

Some testimonials from the certified trainers:

The knowledge acquired at MAIA-TAQA Training of Trainers was more than expected. Not only did the program share relevant skills, but it also provided us with valuable tools and experienced real training that empowered us to improve our skills in the Photovoltaics and Electrical Storage systems and updated me with new developments in the different training and coach techniques. I accomplished the MAIA-TAQA Training of Trainers course on Photovoltaics systems and Electrical Storage. I am particularly excited to learn the Photovoltaics system and its applications.” – Idda Ahmed

I liked in the course its holistic coverage on the Photovoltaics-Battery systems that include technical and economic aspects. The practical aspect of sizing a Photovoltaic battery system was a topic I was very interested to learn about before I took the course. The examples provided in the course had a good level of detail and was carried out in a step-by-step fashion. This course added a value to me, and I am happy that I took it.” – Mohammed B. Effat

The added value of the MAIA TAQA Photovoltaics Training of Trainers is its coverage of the technical, financial, and legal aspects of utility-scale Photovoltaics systems. Highlighting the role and importance of storage was the most valuable part for me.” – Hadi Abou Moussa

The training helped me refresh my knowledge about Solar Energy, starting from the concept design and feasibility study to safe operation and maintenance of plants. Also, through advanced practical techniques in commissioning and regulations in Egypt.” – Mohammed Gado

“The training was a deep-dive into the latest information of the industry; it covered a wide variety of topics, and the interaction with the trainers were very effective and interesting.” – Emad Hamed