Nouvelle connexion : MENAWARA + MAYA


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MENAWARA builds synergies with MAYA, an inter-university postgraduate Master on integrated water and agriculture management funded under the Erasmus+ Programme.

On the 7th of December 2019, the MENAWARA project was presented by Dr. Karim Ergaieg (researcher at the National Agronomic Institute of Tunisia) to students and scholars at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Tunis el Manar, Tunisia during the conference "Scientific cooperation in the Mediterranean: capacity building, multidisciplinary approach and multi-agency partnership". The event was organized under the "Master in Agricultural and Hydrogeological Approaches to a better and sustainable development" Erasmus+ project. 

MAYA aims at increasing the professionalism of young students by supporting the development of a new inter-university postgraduate Master on integrated water and agriculture management (IWAM) involving three Tunisian universities. The project is promoted by a consortium including the University of Sassari (Italy), the Mediterranean Universities Union (Italy), the University of Girona (Spain), the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece), the Universities of Tunis El Manar, Sfax and Cathage (Tunisia).

Given the scope of MENAWARA (“Non-Conventional WAter Re-use in Agriculture in MEditerranean countries”), i.e  contribute to increased water availability for agricultural purposes using non-conventional water in order to reduce the pressure on freshwater, it is important to build synergies with MAYA and other similar projects in order to share results and reinforce impact. 

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