MED GAIMS : soutenir la gamification du tourisme


The overall objective of this call is to attract and support the development of creative and original ideas for games and gamified experiences at tourism sites, supplementing the games being developed simultaneously by MED GAIMS project partners, in order to best demonstrate the potential of gamification for strategically influencing tourism flows to and within tourist destinations. Each country may have specific themes. 

All proposed projects must therefore contribute to the following general objectives:
•    Increase the attractiveness of the chosen tourism destination and site
•    Increase the diversification of the tourism offer at the destination, through the promotion of local and territorial assets, especially in the off-season periods
•    Encourage a longer duration of stay of the visitor in the destination

MED GAIMS aims to encourage the creative freedom of game designers to propose a variation of innovative, original and creative ideas, under a broad thematic umbrella. The broad theme for all games is DISCOVERY, as all games shall contribute to helping visitors discover and experience the site beyond simple observation.
Actions must take place in one of the following countries corresponding to the applicant’s place of residence: Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Spain.

Bénéficiaires potentiels

In order to be eligible for a grant, the Lead Applicant and co-applicants must be a legal person or a natural person, be established in the country corresponding to their contracting boty (Italy, or Spain, or Lebanon, or Jordan), and be directly responsible for the preparation and management of the action with the co-applicant(s), not acting as an intermediary.

Budget total disponible


Nombre de subventions en cascade et ventilation par pays

A total of 20 sub-grants (5 in each of the 4 participating counties - Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Spain) will be awarded. It is expected that a total of 8 digital games and 12 analog games will be awarded. Grants for digital and analog games must not exceed a maximum amount of 15.000€ and 10.000€ respectively. 

Activités à mettre en œuvre avec les subventions en cascade

Analog games. Those games played by and/or between people physically, on a board or not, with very little (if any) digital component, competitive or not, for individuals, groups or by teams. Examples of analog games are: vacate the room, a target shooting, football, tic tac toe, card games, board games, escape rooms, larp, etc…

Digital games. A game that is played by and/or between people digitally, by means of a personal computer, a mobile phone, or a headset. Other types of digital devices will also be considered (e.g., smartwatch, projectors, etc.). 

Although hybrid games can be proposed, and consist of games that have both a digital and analog component, the applicants must decide on the category of game to submit 

The following types of action are ineligible: games involving violence, games that do not have cultural heritage as the underlying theme, games that have NO components played at the site. Furthermore, games that involve gambling, and games of an indecent and offensive nature (sexual, religiously offensive...) will also be rejected. 

Critères de sélection et procédure d'attribution

Applicants may apply to 4 different events, which are 2 Creative Labs and 2 Hackathons per country, from September to November 2020. Winning applications will receive the grant in different payments, as described below, and the actions they propose are expected to be completed within a maximum period of 8 months.

Number of applications and subgrants per applicant(s)
•    The lead applicant may submit more than one application(s) under this call for subgrant proposals but may not be awarded more than one sub-grant.
•    The lead applicant may be a co-applicant in another application at the same time but may not be awarded more than two sub-grants.

Applications will be examined and evaluated by an evaluation committee composed of representatives of the project Lead Beneficiary/partner, as well as a jury of experts selected from the MED GAIMS list of stakeholders. Jury members will be selected from various domains, but must include at the very least:
•    One expert in cultural heritage site management
•    One expert in tourism management
•    Two domain experts, one in analog gamification, and a second in digital gamification


Calls open in all countries with respective deadlines on September 305th 2020 and October 30th 2020. More information here


Sergi Fernandez
Audiovisual Unit Coordinator & MED GAIMS sub-grant Coordinator
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Imad Elhajj
American University of Beirut
Professor & MED GAIMS sub-grant Coordinator
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