MEDUSA : soutenir le développement du tourisme d'aventure


The objective of MEDUSA call for sub-grants is to encourage tourism stakeholders and members of the community to come up with viable and/or improve existing tourism products and services through a product development competition - the Mediterranean Adventure Treasures Competition. Tourism products proposed will have to demonstrate how they can create social, economic and environmental value in the areas targeted in Catalonia, Jordan, Lebanon, Puglia and Tunisia, contributing to enhance the interest in the Mediterranean as a sustainable adventure tourism destination. The call will also favour initiatives promoted in less-known destinations and led by mixed consortiums (including associations, municipalities, etc.), across borders, and involving vulnerable groups (women & youth).

Bénéficiaires potentiels

Businesses, associations, communities, municipalities in addition to other Adventure Tourism stakeholders registered in the targeted territories.

Budget total disponible


Nombre de subventions en cascade et ventilation par pays

Minimum of 15 sub-grants (minimum 3 per country), each one of a maximum €50,000. Tunisia (€150,000), Lebanon (€150,000 €), Jordan (€150,000), Spain (€150,000) and Italy (€150,000).

Activités à mettre en œuvre avec les subventions en cascade

Sub-grantees will be offered technical and financial assistance and networking opportunities with other sub-grantees and tourism providers in order to promote further cooperation to bring about cross-country routes and itineraries. In particular, the following actions will be carried out:

  • Coaching and mentoring support 
  • Technical experts fees
  • Accreditation and certification acquisition
  • International promotion
  • Networking opportunities and participation in international tourism related events and trade missions alongside events such as BUYPUGLIA, ITB Berlin or WTM LondonOther networking opportunities
  • Financing for small investments in infrastructure and equipment, and ITC developments, among others services
Critères de sélection et procédure d'attribution

An open call for proposals is expected to happen through a two-stage application procedure: 
-    First the applicants will be asked to submit a concept note
-    The selected applications will be asked to submit a full application including a business plan. 

Regarding the selection criteria, initiatives will be assessed measuring its sustainability, using the triple bottom line concept, as well as relevance and innovative character. ENI CBC Med principles of selection & de minimis rule for state aid will be respected.         

Concerning the evaluation process, each partner will establish an evaluation committee at country level that will also involve local associations, Stewardship Councils & other relevant stakeholders. The decision on the final award of sub-grants will be submitted for Steering Committee approval. 

Calendrier provisoire

Call for sub-grants (Mediterranean Adventure Treasures Competition) to be launched in March 2021.


Albert Rodríguez
Barcelona Chamber of Commerce
Project Manager
+34 684 045 311

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