GREENinMED : favoriser l'efficacité de l'eau et de l'énergie dans l'hôtellerie méditerranéenne


Objective. The objective of the subgrants is to encourage and foster the adoption of new and advance water and energy saving technologies in the hotel and touristic industries in the Mediterranean region. 

Type of support. The subgrant will support SMEs (start-ups) in the upgrading of their R+D facilities by purchasing new equipment and software needed for the completion, adaptation and testing of the new GREENinMED products and services. 
The best proposals will be granted with different levels of support to cover testing, developing or producing the new products and services.
-    Subgrants for testing of new products/ technologies, 
-    Subgrants for purchasing or adaptation of technologies and equipment to produce new products and services.

Bénéficiaires potentiels

1.    Water and\or energy technology suppliers, 
2.    Tourist facilities in general and hotel SMEs in particular.

Budget total disponible

400.000 €

Nombre de subventions en cascade et ventilation par pays

Number of sub-grants : minimum 8
Amount of each sub-grant: 50,000 euros

Israel, Spain, France.
Total amount in Israel: €200,000 (100.000 € granted by Israeli Water Association, 50.000 € by Kinneret and Arava each.)
Total amount in Spain: €100,000 (granted by Chamber of Commerce of Spain)
Total amount in France: €100,000 (granted by CAPENERGIES)

Activités à mettre en œuvre avec les subventions en cascade

The subgrants will enable to build at least a pilot of the technology in a specific SME facility, in order to prove and verify the capacity of the technology to achieve the above mentioned goals.

After the completion of the mission, assuming that the goals are accomplished, the results will be published in all the publications available in order to encourage replication of the technology among other SMEs in the destination of the project.

Critères de sélection et procédure d'attribution

GREENinMED will publish an open call, complying with free competition principles and respect to national and international law (publicity, transparency, free competition and non- discrimination principles).

Calendrier provisoire

The expected time to publish the call is March 2021.


In Israel: Avraham Israeli, IsWA, 972-54-2537900,
In Spain: Carmen Ayllon, Cámara España. +34915906900
In France:  Enrico Mazzon, Capenergies, +33649215216

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